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What is the SKYPOD system?

The Skypod system is a retail order picking solution. This system offers the best performance on the market and also maintains a high level of flexibility and adaptability based on customer needs. What makes the difference? Storage needs and flows are considered separately when dimensioning the system, allowing for adaptation to the exact needs of the customer and subsequent segmentation according to growth.

Elements of the SKYPOD system



Storage density

Our racks adapt to the architecture of your warehouse and allow you to optimize all available volume. The dimensioning is made according to the surface on the ground and the height to the ceiling. Our industrial robots, thanks to their ability to climb up the racks, allow to increase storage up to 12 meters high. The storage density is multiplied by 5 compared to a conventional picking.

Fast installation

Its installation is very fast and can reach 5,000 positions per week and per assembly team thanks to the absence of mechanization in the racks , which allows to save up to one year of rent during the installation phase. Unlike other solutions, our system can be installed on slabs  that meet the usual construction standards in logistics buildings.

Scalable storage system

Our storage system has the ability to quickly adapt to your needs and your growth. If over the months you need to increase the capacity of the warehouse, this expansion can be carried out without having to interrupt production.


Different types of storage

All references are stored in standardized bins with a specific industrial design so that our robots can handle them. Each bin is identified and registered in the WCS ASTAR database.

The bins are available in three heights (220 , 320 and 420 mm) and can be divided into 2/3/4/6/8.

For the automation of the entrance , we have also designed a tray adapted to our robots and can pick up boxes of 600 x 400 x 400 mm maximum.



A fleet of robots for your warehouse

Skypods work as an operator-managed fleet and help to prepare your orders faster. The robots are continuously receiving tasks and always start with the most urgent one.

Technical features
They move at 4 m/s
They can carry up to 30 kg
The Skypods movable in three dimensions
Works in cold environments (from 0 °C)
They consume 80% less energy than traditional automated solutions
Robots are autonomous and intelligent (environment recognition, autonomy of charge, control in real time)

They can work uninterrupted (charging is done off the rack), at the picking station. This also prevents electrical currents on   the storage rack)

Flow growth control One of the benefits of the Skypod system is that it allows you to track the growth of your flows. Since storage needs and flows are two independent aspects, by increasing the latter it is enough to add new robots to the system.



Optimal prioritization of orders

Our WCS ASTAR is the conductor of the Skypod system. Its mission is to prepare the orders as quickly as possible and with a minimum of resources in order to synchronize all the robots to optimize the performance in the warehouse. Astar manages the planning of tasks and records and tracks the location of the bins and robots in real time. The absence of batches or waves in our solution allows us to prioritize the management of the most urgent orders in real time.

Speed ​​and reliability of the webservice

Our computer interfaces are based on the most advanced technologies and offer reliability and efficiency in order preparation. Our WCS ASTAR system is easily connected to the customer’s warehouse management system (WMS) for fast implementation thanks to a RESTful API webservices type interface.

High system availability

Our robots work as a team, but they do not depend on each other, which guarantees a very high availability of the system. In addition, ASTAR allows our supervision center to remotely monitor the performance of the system in real time at our clients’ facilities or warehouse. We distinguish ourselves by our capacity of anticipation and we can intervene directly in case the fleet of robots reports any anomaly.




Each station allows a performance of more than 400 lines per hour. Our stations work in coordination with the robots to guarantee the presence of bins and an uninterrupted preparation of the orders.


Our “ Goods to Person ” solution prevents logistics operators from having to travel tens of kilometers a day. The operator stations are ergonomic and designed to reduce the difficulty and fatigue of the job. The fact that the robots operate in closed and protected environments reduces the risks related to the movement of pedestrians in the warehouse, while improving the productivity of the storage plant.


Automation of order transfer

Work stations can include an Order Mover, which automates the arrival and evacuation of order bin/boxes and offers the possibility of preparing 4 orders at the same time. This increases productivity and the operator can concentrate on his picking activity.

Operation of the Order Mover

The operator places the items in the order picking bin. A system with illuminated buttons helps the operator by indicating the bin or the article to be placed. As soon as the order is completed, the bin automatically exits the preparation area and moves to the end of the line and the shipping area.


Full Service

The support and after-sales service is based on the Full Service model, with a fixed annual cost in “all inclusive” mode, to ensure the reliability and availability of the SKYPOD system and allow you to focus on your business.

How does it work?

With this system you have the full control of the facility in a permanent way through the Control Center and EXOTRACKER tool, for the permanent supervision of the center and all maintenance tasks or actions of it.

Through the Full Service model we guarantee a continuous support where all the preventive and corrective maintenance services are included, as well as 100% of the spare parts both for breakage and wear of the system. We also have a technical team to provide 24/7 customer service with the monitoring system and hotline.

Make a difference, get your SKYPOD!

The optimal solution for unit order picking.

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