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What’s new?

  • Penguin Random House Editorial Group opts for the Skypod system for its new center in Cerdanyola del Vallès

    Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial (PRHGE) is building a new logistics center in Cerdanyola del Vallés (Barcelona) where the publishing house's operations will be concentrated. The evolution of the publishing business and sales channels require an innovative logistics center capable of adapting to these changes and allowing business improvement.

  • Skypod, key in the new PcComponentes logistics center

    Exotec by Dexter has been the technological partner in charge of designing and implementing the Skypod system for PcComponentes. In the words of the Director of Operations at Exotec by Dexter, Oriol Pla, “Skypod is the ideal solution for PcComponentes to improve the order preparation process, optimizing time, resources and space.”

  • Exotec by Dexter approaches five hundred robots in warehouses and prepares its largest project to date

    The warehouse automation company Dexter Intralogistics has completed and closed several projects in the last year. Among them are installations of Exotec's 'Skypod' system in industrial, hospitality distribution and publishing companies. These picking robots are also the protagonists of the company's first project in Portugal, where it also has its own equipment since 2023.

  • Alliance Automotive Group, the European automotive aftermarket leader, once again relies on the Skypod solution.

    Following the agreement reached with AAG France in June 2022, and the subsequent execution of the project, which has been finished during the first quarter of 2023 after a record time implementation, AAG UK-Ireland has also recently announced its partnership with Exotec for the implementation of the Skypod solution in order to modernise its supply chain.

  • Skypod has established itself as a cross-sector picking solution

    The Odipiu SpA project, a leading office supplies distributor in Italy, is another example of Skypod as a cross-sector solution, used in sectors that, until recently, did not rely on the automation of logistical processes.

  • Decathlon chooses Exotec to revolutionize its e-commerce logistics in Europe

    The world's leading sports retailer has chosen the Skypod solution, exclusively distributed in Spain and Portugal by Exotec by Dexter, to optimize its ecommerce warehouses across Europe.

  • Skypod consolidates its position as a solution in the retail sector

    After automating several installations for the Carrefour group, it is now the turn of the E.Leclerc group, which has decided to automate its order picking with this fleet of robots.

  • New job opportunities

    We are still in the process of expansion. We have different positions to fill, both in Madrid and Barcelona. If you are passionate about mobile robotics and intralogistics this could be your BIG OPPORTUNITY. We are looking for Sales Managers and After Sales Technical Manager. If you are interested, click on the "Learn more" button and access to the offers.

  • The robot revolution in distribution

    Interview in to our CEO César Briones, where he explains the Skypod solution and how mobile robotics is revolutionizing the automation of the sector.

  • Skypod, a mobile robotics disruptive solution

    One of the world's most advanced mobile robotic fleet technologies for unit picking is now in Spain: Exotec's Skypod. And it arrives from Dexter Intralogistics with César Briones at the head, a well-known professional who has seen this integral solution as a real alternative for the future to face the challenges of the digital economy. Why is it unique in the world, above all for its capacity to climb the racks with a simple and patented concept? At LogiMat 2019, it won the Best Product Award in the category 'Picking, transport, lifting and storage technology'. Briones, Managing Partner at Dexter Intralogistics, spoke to us about this system, and in this new edition has incorporated a comparison in the annual turnover with respect to the previous year of each of the eCommerce. In this way, it is possible to compare whether this online shop has increased or decreased its sales.

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